When we were young

To be fifteen was so damn easy, why has things changed in just a few years? I remember this summer like it was yesterday, juste to think of it makes me happy, but to see proof, evidence, of that it really existed is so powerfull.
That little young face, with so many dreams, were did she go? Is she ever comming back? I have opened myself too much, I broke her promise...

// Vendela Linda Maria Söderberg

Postat av: Oh come on!!

Hey you! If you decide that you as a Swedish girl want to write your blog in english then for the love of god check your fucking spelling! In the latest entry you had roundabout 3 errors that messed up the etnire fluency of the text. Learn to spell, then get up on the high horse.

2009-05-06 @ 18:08:33
Postat av: Vendela

Weellllll, thats just about it! I am not an english or american so I can spell how the hell i want you neard :D

2009-05-07 @ 12:02:31

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